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In a fragmented world it can be difficult to find integration that restores our minds, or bodies and our soul. Bringing together a team of experts in the healing arts our goal is to provide individualized and targeted services that restore balance and wellness.

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Integrative Treatment

Ketamine and Treatment of Depression

Depression is iestimated to affect 10% of the general populatoin at any one time, meaning that today millions of Americans are struggling with hopeless, loss of interest in activities and possibly having suicidal thoughts.


Ketamine. well-established as an anesthetic agent in the operating room has come into the forefront for treating difficult or intense depression. Delivered by IV infusion at very low doses Ketamine has been found to have a rapid onset of therapeutic benefit for those whose depression has not improved with standard mental health care.


Ketamine has demonstrated almost immediate benefit when delivered through a 50 minute infusion. Decades of depressed mood and negative psychological functioning can be lifted in just a few infusion sessions.

Unique to West Texas our clinic offers a multi-disciplinary treatment team that offers the "Best Practice" model of care.

Healthcare is always evolving and keeping up with the latest "Best Practice" of care can be challenging. Pain Management and Wellness services should follow a bio-psycho-social model of care so that our patients are viewed as complete systems seeking balance and integration of their minds, bodies, and souls.


Such care cannot simply be taught in the classroom but must be learned in the timely experience of partnering with individuals.

Ketamine Infusion Overview

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Ketamine and Treatment of Chronic Pain Disorders 

While medical technology has lengthened our lives we are left with having to cope with impairments and disabilities that can significantly limit our daily activities.


When combined with more traditional methods of pain management Ketamine can bring a level of comfort and mental restoration that enhances the person's daily living.  

The key to comprehensive clinical services is to understand that each person is unique in their body systems and in how they view and interact with the world around them. We form relationships with those clients who come to our clinic seeking relief and improvement.