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In a fragmented world it can be difficult to find integration that restores our minds, or bodies and our soul. Bringing together a team of experts in the healing arts our goal is to provide individualized and targeted services that restore balance and wellness.

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How is your clinic different?


A central problem in contemporary health care is the division of services targeted toward the "mind, body and soul". Other clinics follow the traditional model of a focus on the body (physical) and often only supplly miniml interventions for the mental and spiritual aspects.


Our clinic puts the client's mental and spiritual needs front and center. You first meet with our Team Psychologist Dr. Brian Carr and will complete a comprehensive evaluation that allows for the development of a custom treatment intervention.


Then you meet with our Medical Director Dr. Jeff Colvin and complete a medical evaluation that gives an overview of your physical healht status and needs.


Throughout the process our clinic team is attuned to the importance of not just restoring physical and mental capacity but also understanding the importance of the spirituality of one's life. Each of us is on a journay of discovery and we want to help in achiving the significance within yoursself.


We will be there for you.


Our current healthcare system is designed for simplistic, short-term care that is focused exclusively on repairing the body. Our team of doctors understands that the challenge is in providing quality long-term support that shifts as the needs of our patients changes.


When you reach out to our team we will respond. Periodic re-evauations help in ensuring that our target goals are revised as needed.