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In a fragmented world it can be difficult to find integration that restores our minds, or bodies and our soul. Bringing together a team of experts in the healing arts our goal is to provide individualized and targeted services that restore balance and wellness.

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How do you determine if Ketamine infusion is right for me?

In determining if a Ketamine infusion is the proper treatment option the patient will meet with Dr. Brian Carr, Team Psychologist and with Dr. Jeff Colvin, Medical Director. An assessment of psychological functioning and clinical/medical history will be completed and a consultative report is prepared and discussed with the patient.  


What is the Ketamine infusion treatment like?

Once the individualized consultation is completed and consent for treatment is obtained then the patient is scheduled for their first series of infusions. These infusions will be performed at Dr. Jeff Colvin's office. Patients will receive three spaced infusions the first week followed by two treatments the second week and then one the third week. An status review will be completed after each infusion and a summary review at the end of the third week. After that point there will be a treatment frequency established for maintenance care which may be from every two weeks, to every month or to a longer schedule depending on the patient's needs.





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Comments from Dr. Colvin

With over thirty years of professional practice Dr. Colvin is well-versed in the safe and effective use of various blocks and infusions to restore and enhance mood and performance. In this interview Dr. Colvin provides a window into his clinical experience.


Interviewer: Hello Dr. Colvin. Thanks for being with us today.

Dr. Colvin: Thanks for having me.

Interviewer: How did you come into being involved with these types of therapy using blocks and infusions?

Dr. Colvin: Medicine is changing and we have to continue to incorporate new treatments while remaining true to patient care.

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