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In a fragmented world it can be difficult to find integration that restores our minds, or bodies and our soul. Bringing together a team of experts in the healing arts our goal is to provide individualized and targeted services that restore balance and wellness.

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Comprehensive Care

While other clinics will offer partial treatment with an emphasis on quick fixes our team provides complete care that is unique in West Texas.


Dr. Carr, our Team Psychologist, provides consultation services to each patient ensuring their well-being and preparation for any treatment.

A Few Words About Us


What We Offer

Dr. Jeff Colvin, our Medical Director, meets with each patient going over their clinical history and expectations for care. Sensitive to the needs of each patient the team customizes each intervention to maximize recovery and wellness.

“After many years of disabling depression and anxiety I found relief with Drs. Colvin and Carr. They were very personable and knowledgeable about my treatment options. They involved my husband in explaining my options and the entire experience was comfortable.”

"was concerned about what might happen during the infusion but they took the time to ensure that I was relaxed and understood what each step was going to involved."


The center of our care and focus is you.

Following a wholistic model of care our clinic recognizes the nature of the doctor-patient relationship. The first step is assessing and understanding the person. Next, our team works to provide our cients with a clear understanding of what their status is and how it has affected their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Then we formulate a plan of action that is designed to maximize achieving the goals agreed upon.

Between them, Dr. Colvin and Carr have over 60years of professional experience. Both have contributed to research in reducing disorders and enhancing productivity. We work closely with your referring healthcare provider and will keep them informed of our treatment protocol and expectations for continued care involving coordination between our offices.