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In a fragmented world it can be difficult to find integration that restores our minds, or bodies and our soul. Bringing together a team of experts in the healing arts our goal is to provide individualized and targeted services that restore balance and wellness.

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Targeted Medical Services...


Ketamine Infusions...


Ketamine Infusions are an exciting intervention that offers possible relief for intractable depression, PTSD, chronic pain and other difficulty to treat disorders.


The process at our clinic is to first assess the needs and situation of each patient. Our clinic team meets weekly to discuss candidates and develop a comprehensive treatment protocol.


Once advanced to treatment the patient is scheduled for a three week protocol where they received 3-2-1 treatments over the three week period. Services are rendererd at our clinic office where we can closely supervise the process. At the end of each treatment there is an evaluation completed in order to track progress toward treatment goals.


After this initial treatment the patient is enrolled in a maintenance program where treatment gains are maintained. This interval will range from biweekly to several months depending on the needs of each patient.


Epidural Injections...


Epidual Injections are useful in managing acute as well as chronic discomfort. Such injections have been used for many decades and are safe and effective.


Once cleared for an injection procedure the patient will be scheduled at the North Star Surgery Center. The procedure is quck, usually only taking under two hours to complete.


Reliief can be immediate and can help reduce the need for more invasive procedures such as surgery.


Stellate Ganglion Blocks...


Stellate Ganglion Blocks have been found to be useful in managing "fight or flight syndrome" related to PTSD or other anxiety conditions.


The stellate ganglion, located in the neck region, are a "command and control" center that has been associated with over stimulation of the sympathatic nervous system. SUch hyperaroused state can leard to prolonged stress and fatigue.


Performed in the North Star Surgery Center the patient receives a local anesthetic and then an injection of medication is made into the stellate ganglion complex. This creates a "hard reset" for the nerves, allowing them to recovery and restoring regular operations.


Spinal Cord Stimulators...


The body's communication occurs as a function of nerve conduction. Damage to nerves can result in chronic pain that is delivered to the brain, creating distress.


Spinal Cord Stimulators are small implanted electrical generators that operate through small leads that are placed at points along the spine where the nerve enters. The small electrical burst disrupts the electrical communication of the nerve such that the pain signal is not received. These units have batteries that can least up to a decade and require no maintenance.